Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hotmail Password Recovery Support toll free Number 1-877-778-8969

If you've been locked out of your Hotmail account or forgotten your password due to unauthorized access. Hotmail Password Recovery tool helps you to reset your password. All you need to have is phone number, email attached to your hotmail account or you must remember answers to your security questions that you have provided to your account to verify your identity.
Step 1: Open Hotmail Log-in page
NOTE: You can recover inactive accounts for up to 365 days since the last time you logged in. Accounts that have not been accessed in over a year will be deleted. After manually deactivating an account, you have 30 days to retrieve and reactivate it before it is permanently deleted.
Step 2: Click "Can't access your account?"
Step 3: Select "I forgot my password" and click "Next".
Step 4: Enter the hotmail email address to recover. Fill out the Captcha and click "Next".
Step 5: Select a verification method

For verification you can either select email or phone number, if you have a recovery mail associated with your account, a verification code or a link will be sent to it. If you have a phone number associated with it, same will be sent to your phone number. If you don't have any of these, you can choose to answer a questionnaire that will prove your identity to Microsoft.
When your identity is verified with Microsoft, you can reset your password.
Step 6: Get your verification code
Step 7: Enter your verification code:
Enter the verification code, you will be redirected to a page where you can create a new password for your account. Remember, always use strong passwords.
Step 8: Log into your account:
After resetting your password, don't forget to update your account recovery information. Keep your account recovery information up-to-date always. It will help you to recover your account in just no time.  
Note: For further assistance CALL 1-877-778-8969 and Get Technical Support Today

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