Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Live Hotmail Email Support is provided by expert technicians. Call at 1-877-778-8969 and connect with the technicians easily. Call anytime and make sure that your problems are resolved instantly.

The Hotmail technical support phone number: is it worth using?
The number is managed and answered by the trained executives of Microsoft’s customer support cell. These executives are well experienced and possess full knowledge related to technical support of all services of Microsoft which also includes outlook (Hotmail). The number is also a customer support toll free number. So, in simpler words, when you make the call, you can inquire about any problem from your Hotmail account and you will not be charged for the call either. The distinct feature of Microsoft helpline numbers is actually an advantage to the users and it is that for different locations, there is no one number. In other words, Microsoft has divided the globe in different regions and allotted these regions different numbers to make helpline service easy and better accessible for the users. So, if you are living in Middle East, you will need to dial a different number than the users who are living in south Asia. Any confusions about the numbers’ validity for separate areas can be checked from the helpline number information list of Microsoft which is available at the latter’s official website’s contact page.

Given the efforts Microsoft has made to make helpline service quick and easy for the users, it is indeed worth using. But the only disadvantage is that users who have got no time for the research would not find the above-mentioned method so useful.

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